Celebrating Caleb’s life and spreading his contagious joy!

Caleb Amir was the personification of joy! As his parents, we often wondered how we got so lucky to have such a happy kid in our lives, despite the obstacles he faced. Diagnosed with Hydranencephaly, he defied the odds for 10 years. Although he is no longer here with us physically, part of our mission with Caleb Smiles is to keep his light shining brightly. We want to honor his memory and never stop saying his name.

Caleb, we love you and thank you for inspiring this whole mission!


We aim to serve the underserved.
Children with disabilities deserve
access to things that provide happiness and fun


As parents of a child with disabilities, we understand how life can be. We want to support as many people as we can!


Laughter is medicine. Children with disabilities love to laugh and have fun, even if they might not speak!

Dominique, Clay, Caleb and Kinsley