Our Story

Caleb Smiles was formed in memory and in honor of a little boy who smiled through everything. Caleb was the personification of joy. We want this organization to bring joy to other children living with disabilities and their families.

Caleb Amir was our son, and he passed away in November 2018 after a tough year of complications with Hydranencephaly, the condition he was born with. He was a fighter and anyone he met could tell he had a fighting spirit and the most joyful personality.

Although Caleb had challenges to face everyday, to meet him, you would never know those challenges affected him. He loved people. He loved to laugh and smile, and what made him the happiest was interaction with anyone that wanted to sit and hang out with him. He had no interest in tv or movies, but would rather hold your hand and make you push the buttons on his toys!

Raising a child with a disability has its obvious challenges, like finding the right wheelchair, and having the right vehicle to transport that wheelchair. Challenges like safe transfer issues, and fighting with insurance to to get approval for equipment you need in your home to make life manageable. It’s rare that children with disabilities & their families are granted many opportunities for fun and adventurous activities or equipment. Insurance typically only covers things that are deemed “essential for daily care,”, and non-essential things are very expensive when marketed for the disabled community.

Caleb Smiles was formed to help children and families get access to fun activities (like adaptive skiing, horseback riding and swimming lessons), and equipment (like communication buttons and sensory items) that they may not have the budget for.

We plan to raise money through various fundraising opportunities; including walks, partnerships and sponsorships, and personal donations.

We can’t thank you enough for being here, and for supporting our mission. We thank you for helping us keep Caleb’s memory alive and spreading his joy far and wide.

Caleb Smiles is a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Michigan.