Apply for Assistance

We are so happy you have found your way to Caleb Smiles! In the early stages of forming our organization, we are considering all applications and inquiries for assistance.

Minimum requirements:
-children up to 18 years old
-some level of disability- priority given to physical impairments or disorders
-some financial need

Our goal is to assist families with funding for various activities such as: adaptive skiing lessons, horse riding therapy, swim lessons/therapy, other adaptive activities, sensory items, communication tools, adaptive toys and tools, etc. These types of things are typically not covered by insurance, and families may not have the budget to afford them.

We will gift items and experiences based on our available resources and as determined by our Board of Directors.
After reviewing your application, someone from our Board will be in contact to discuss your child’s situation, your level of need, and what we could provide that could be fun or entertaining or useful for your child!

Below, please fill out the application form- for yourself or for someone you think we could be of assistance to. Someone from our Board will be in contact with you after the form is completed!

This was an adaptive ski class that Caleb loved so much!